We find what is unique and powerful about YOU, first.

I see you craving a career that is more authentically you, but you have so many unanswered questions.

They keep you spinning in uncertainty, doubt and fear.  

They keep you from taking action.

And then you're stuck wondering if a career change is worth the effort or if it's even possible.

When you "name, claim and aim" what you do well, you stop thinking about what you can't do and start focusing on what you CAN do.

Every one of my coaching partnerships begins with discovering your innate talents because my number one strength is my ability to instinctively understand and appreciate your special gifts.  Using my other strengths, learning and connection, I show you how your strengths work together and teach you how to use them in an environment that's primed for personal and professional growth.

This is work that I've done on myself so you can depend on me to practice what I preach when it comes to a strengths based approach to careers, business and life.



Identify, Understand & Apply Your Strengths

  • One week coaching partnership

  • CliftonStrengths Assessment & Report

  • Customized CliftonStrengths coaching session

  • Email/Text/Voxer Support for the week


Strengths PLUS Skills

  • Five week coaching partnership

  • One on one private sessions

  • CliftonStrengths Assessment and Debrief

  • Mind Management: Career Moves using The Self Coaching Model

  • Goal Setting/Action Plan System

  • Email/Text/Voxer Support