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Trade Either/Or for AND

I'm a person with lots of ideas. I tend to see opportunity everywhere I look. It's one of the things that keeps my life fun and interesting.

When an opportunity came along to create a group fitness program for middle school girls during the pandemic, my gut said loud and clear, “GO FOR IT!”

I would get to use my passion for movement, my time working with kids and coaching skills. It was a combination I couldn’t pass up.


Here I was trying to figure out how to create and grow two new businesses at the same time: life coaching adults and teaching kids fitness classes.

My mind was having a field day with thoughts like “I’m all over the place”, “you should stick with ONE thing already”, questioning my decisions and a whole host of other unhelpful thoughts that kept me believing that I would never be able to do both, let alone do both successfully.

After hiding out and spinning my wheels in “I'm doing this all wrong” for what felt like an eternity, I asked for some help and support from my coach.

I laid out my mind drama because I wanted to move past my fears and get back to coaching.

It took me a hot second to see how I could make this work (ok, a wee bit longer than that), but ultimately I knew my drive to empower women and girls needed to be greater than my fear of judgement (other peoples and my own), of not doing it “right” and of failure.

As I let that sink in, it occurred to me that I could give myself what I readily offer the people I coach:

Acceptance. Of where I’ve been and where I’m at.

Compassion. Because judging the crap out of myself does more harm than good. Turns out being kind to yourself is REALLY helpful.

Belief. In myself. It feels scary to “put yourself out there”, but it feels even more terrifying to stay stuck in unrealized potential.

As soon as I let myself be where I was at instead of wishing I had it all figured out, things started to crystalize.

I could do BOTH businesses: life coaching AND fitness coaching because they both speak to who I am as a coach and my purpose in coaching.

In that moment, I decided to ditch the idea it had to be an either/or and simply figure it out. And it didn’t make me scattered or look like a flake. In fact, fitness coaching helped my life coaching practice and vice versa.

Shortly after my "aha moment", I added two middle school girls and their moms to my life coaching practice and four girls to my fitness class.

My brain was trying to make this complicated. These three sentences keep it simple.

I am a coach. I coach middle school girls and women. With fitness and in life.

So maybe I’ll see you at the park running alongside my girls, over on Instagram talking about mindset (@therippleeffectlifecoach) or having a conversation with you about how I can help support you or your middle school girl.

Anyway it happens, it feels GREAT to be with you again!

See y’all soon,


P.S. Maybe you’ve thought something in your life was an “either/or” decision and you felt conflicted and stuck? Opening your mind up to the possibility of all the things that could be true is a powerful mindset shift. It’s one of the concepts we talk about when you work with me. If you find yourself spinning in indecision, stop and ask yourself this one question:

What else could be true about this situation?

Then, let your brain get to work by using AND to create a list. And remember that most of the time the “right way” is some arbitrary "either/or"answer we've gotten sucked into believing it's 100% true.

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