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The Power of Why?

What is the purpose of this weekly blog from me?

The best way to find out is to ask myself WHY.

When I do that, a few answers pop out immediately.

I’ve been writing stories in my head for at least a year and it may explode if I don’t get them out.

I believe in life coaching so much, that I’m willing to be vulnerable and share my crazy brain with anyone who wants to listen.

My sincere hope is that my stories and coaching tools help you improve your life.

I ask the question WHY a lot these days. Of myself and my clients, because knowing the reasons behind WHY we do what we do in life creates enormous amounts of awareness. 

And not just asking why once, asking it over and over to uncover your core motivations.

I learned the “5 Whys” at a workshop a few years back and used it, but didn’t really consider it’s power until now.  I kind of found it annoying and wanted to be done after the second why.

Sometimes you need to be hit over the head to recognize lessons that are helpful to learn.  I get it now.

I laugh when I'm doing a session with a client and I hear myself asking why over and over.

What would you like coaching on today? 

I’m late to everything. Why? 

Because I don’t leave my house early enough.

Why?  Because I think I can squeeze more in.

Why?  Because I have so much to do.

Why?  Because I say yes to a lot of things.

Why?  Because I don’t know how to say no.

One three letter word, asked five times, and we’ve uncovered the deeper reason why my client's late to everything.

I don’t know how to say no. Boom.  You have a new level of awareness and understanding around being late, all from asking why five times.

Simple questions can reveal what’s really happening below the buzz of everyday life.

Once you know and understand your mind, you can start solving the problem.

Give WHY a try the next time you're stressed or frustrated. See what you find.

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