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What is that stubbly thing?

A few years back I noticed this stubbly thing coming out of my chin and thought, what the hell is that?  I’m a picker, so I thought I could pick it out of existence.

Turns out, it doesn’t work.  AND it keeps coming back, plus it invites more stubbly hairs to come along for the ride as you get older.

Chin whiskers at 45?  Coarse hair that pops up and is an inch long overnight?  I thought it must be a joke.  Maybe my body had mixed signals because my eyebrows were thinning at the same goddamn time.

Don’t get me wrong, getting older has its perks, but this, THIS chin hair thing is not one of them.

Fast forward a couple of years since that fateful day when chin hair entered my world, and I’ve experienced more change that I'm not that thrilled about.

Random hot flashes (even though I’m not in menopause, yet).

Being awake from 2am-4am regularly for no particular reason.

Not being able to remember names and words.

Gray hair, chicken wing arms and bi-focals.

So what’s an aging woman to do?

Deny. Deny. Deny.  I’m good friends with denial and have been for a long time so it’s my go-to behavior when I’m uncomfortable.

Avoidance also works, but it eventually catches up with you.

Awareness of a problem is the first step, right?  

But fuck, acknowledging that I’ve got beard hairs growing?

This took me a while, but when I found myself in my car with the tweezers so I could catch these bastards at first sight, it was time to acknowledge I had a problem.

Coaching and thought work taught me to question anything I think is a problem.

It also introduced me to the concept of life being 50/50 (50% of life is positive with positive emotions and 50% is negative experiences and emotions).

So, was my chin hair really a problem or just the part of life that sucks?

To be human is to experience all of what life has to offer.  There are the parts that are amazing and there are parts that suck and how that looks changes when your circumstances change.

The fact is, I’m getting older and my body is changing.  I could deny, avoid or fight it, but I can also accept it’s the natural order of life.  And sometimes, that really sucks.

And I can also see that, at 47, I don’t give a flying fuck about a lot of other things that I once thought were of the highest importance.  That part is definitely in the 50% positive.

So here I stand today with a balance - my chin hair and my new found confidence in knowing what's important to me.

 And I’m embracing and accepting them both as part of my hairy, messy, amazing human life.

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