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"I Don't Feel Like It"

It’s Friday.  It’s 5:50pm.  I’ve promised my audience a series on Fridays called Friday Funnies.  I wrote the first story a couple of weeks ago because it literally popped into my mind, I thought it was funny and I knew there was some coaching I could do alongside it.

That’s my friday goal.  I want to share life coaching with a sense of humor.

But what if I don’t have a story that pops in my head?

And I don’t FEEL inspired, but I’ve PROMISED you (and me), this is what’s going to happen.

Sound like anything you have going on in your life that you’ve promised to yourself or other people?  And when it comes down to it, you don’t FEEL like it.

The amount of times I’ve said, “I don’t feel like it” over the course of my life is a BIG number.

I don’t feel getting up.  I don’t feel like doing work.  I don’t feel like cleaning up.  I don’t feel like making dinner.  I don’t feel like working out.  I don't feel like playing with my kids. I don’t feel like paying bills.  I don’t feel like going grocery shopping.  I don’t feel like washing my face. I don’t feel like going out.

I don’t feel like doing the thing I said I was going to do.

I’m a master at talking myself out of anything.

I bet you can too.

BUT, I can also be swayed by other people to do the thing I say I don’t FEEL like doing.

That’s usually when, in the end, I have the most fun.

My daughter convinced me to vlog with her on our trip last spring.

I only recently learned what the hell that was.  And I don’t know why anyone would watch us.

She wanted to video (“vlog”) a gondola ride up the side of a mountain.

I love looking at the mountains FROM THE BASE.

When you tell me we’re making a trip to the top on a windy day in a little box that hangs on a wire, that’s when I lose my shit.

I start sweating immediately.  I’m afraid of heights.  But I don’t want that to stop me.  So I feel the fear and swear A LOT and make the ascent up the mountain.

Add in a request to vlog and you get a sweating, swearing, ranting middle aged woman talking about the experience in real time.

I’m coaching myself with shitloads of positive self-talk.

I got this.  I can do this.  It’s going to be fine.  It will be worth it.  I’ll feel so proud of myself.

And in between, I’m dropping f-bombs.

What the F*ck was I thinking?  Can you feel this goddamn thing swaying?  I need to get the F*ck off this thing.  I’m never F*ing doing this again.

And then I throw in some humor because I’ve decided that laughing at my fear is such good material.

It’s this crazy mix of fear, determination and humor that makes for a good video.

In the end, when I’m back at the base of the mountain, I’ve had fun doing something I didn’t FEEL like doing.

I’ve got the vlog to prove it.

Next time your brain wants to tell you, “I don’t feel like it”, just imagine if you decided to do it anyway.

What would your vlog look like?

I bet it would be full of fun.

And you would have a record of it.

Happy Funny Friday my friends.

I might not feel like it, but I’ll be back next week, because in the end, writing a story for you will be fun, and hopefully,

funny with a dose of life coaching.

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