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Fourth of July Funnies

Writing Friday funnies for the past couple of weeks has been, well, funny for me to share.

And committing to writing a blog that will make you laugh AND give you some valuable life coaching has my brain freaking out a bit.

The chin hair story came out so easily.  Even the flicking came together pretty quick.  This week it took me some time to connect the dots.

Here goes.

The fourth of July seems to bring out a sides of me that doesn’t get much attention in my everyday life.  The fun and adventurous sides are put on hold while I do the “serious” work of life.  I’ve been so determined to get it all “right” that there isn’t much time or energy for fun and adventures.

But that always changes when I go on vacation.  I flip a switch and give myself permission to be ALL of me.

Yesterday I went go-karting.  I’m like a bat out of hell when I get behind the wheel.  Brake pedal? Ah, hell no.  The pedal is to the floor the WHOLE TIME.  And I’m smiling and laughing ear to ear as I whip past anyone and everyone on the track.

Yesterday was extra fun because I go-karted on the slick track.  The wheels don’t have much grip so you slide at every turn and risk getting hit by all of the other drivers.  I was in the first car out of the gate and I hit the gas and let my inner Danika Patrick out.  At the second turn, my gokart did a 180 turn and was facing the wrong direction with all of the other go-karts coming straight for me.  There was no panic or fear.  I hit the gas, turned the wheel and maneuvered my way around to face forward.  It struck me later that I could have had a million different reactions to that situation.  My mind chose one that kept me in the zone even though I’d never done this type of go-karting.

Last year, I had a similar experience.  I got the bug to go ax throwing.  After a day at the water park, we stopped and my family thought I had lost my mind.  Ax throwing, really?  This wasn’t the serious person they were used to, but the water park had already loosened the reins to allow more fun.

I got the basic instructions and stepped into the box with the ax in my left hand.  It didn’t feel comfortable so I switched it to my right hand and let it fly (being ambidextrous can be so confusing).  While I didn’t get a bullseye, I was pretty damn close.  I was so excited I did the two hands in the air move like I had gotten a hole in one.  Again, I wondered how I just walked in confidently and got after it without thinking much.

The year before that, I water skied after a 20 year hiatus.  In that case, I definitely remember being nervous because my legs were shaking hard while I got myself ready in the water.  But it didn’t stop me.  First try, I was up skiing.  And before long, I was crossing back and forth over the wake with a giant smile on my face.  I could have skied all day, it was that FUN.

So why don’t I allow myself these experiences in my everyday life?

So interesting, right?

Fun and adventure are reserved for vacation.  Funny is reserved for the Friday blog.

This is what my brain tells me and I’ve listened to it!

And it’s total bullshit.

I’ve let my unmanaged brain make the rules.

But what if I don’t have to listen or believe everything my brain tells me?

If I want permission to have fun, be funny and go on adventures whenever I want to, I can change the script in my head.

My brain likes to push back on me when I want to change.  It likes the thought patterns I’ve established because they’re familiar.  And familiar is safe and easy.

But what if FUN and adventure became familiar (and safe and easy) because I practiced a new script?

When I read that sentence it feels exciting and completely possible.

It also feels like I’m breaking the rules.  The ones I created.

I can be all or parts of me anytime, anyplace.  Fun, serious and adventurous can coexist.

I wonder what rules your brain creates.

Around fun.  Around vacation.  Around life.

I wonder if they work for you.

Or if you want to change them.  Or ditch them completely.

Let's experiment and see where it takes us, shall we?

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